“GREAT EXPECTATIONS” – Sexual Assault on Campus
When Carrie, a college freshman, is asked by Richard, a junior, to go to a frat party with him, Carrie and her best friend, Gina, are ecstatic.  Not only is Richard popular and well-liked, but he is also incredibly hot!  The two girls talk about the fun Carrie will have, while Richard and his friend Freddy discuss Richard’s plans for the evening: dinner, clubbing, grab a few drinks, then head back to the frat house for the party.  At the Frat, and after several beers, Richard wrongly interprets Carrie’s flirting, kissing, and willingness to go up to his room as an invitation to have sex – – and in the heat of the moment, he ignores Carrie’s pleas to stop.  Later, when Carrie tells Gina what happened, Gina responds with disbelief.  In an effort to protect Carrie from ridicule, she encourages Carrie to keep her story a secret.  This scene freezes at various points to allow for discussion and hot-seating around the issues below.

Primary Questions Explored Through Facilitation:

  • What is Rape?  What is Sexual Assault?  Who is responsible when it occurs?
  • What’s the different between Consent and Cooperation?  What is Affirmative Consent?  
  • How do stereotypes about gender roles affect our attitudes and behaviors? 
  • What attitudes/myths contribute to sexual assault and rape?  Where do these attitudes from? How can we combat them?
  • How does alcohol affect sexual decision-making?
  • What is a helpful and supportive way to respond when someone discloses that they have been sexually assaulted or raped?
  • Where can victims and their friends/family go for counseling and support?
  • What can we do to create a culture that is free of sexual assault?