“This type of interactive training is needed in this ever changing global marketplace. It can be applied to almost any type of organization or business.

       –-Carlos Carballada, Deputy Mayor, Rochester, NY

“As a leadership educator, I was looking for new and creative ways to engage student leaders on issues of diversity and inclusion. Impact interactive gave me everything I was looking for: the activities were meaningful, fun, well-structured and applicable. Jodi and Allison created an atmosphere where we could be open, vulnerable and accepted. The performance educators helped us ease into the activities with great playfulness, empathy and sense of humor. I left feeling elated by a sense of possibility for the radical, deep change that sets you on a new course without looking back, and just want more of this for our community. THANK YOU Impact interactive! I will do everything I can to have you back!”

–M. Cecilia Barone, Assistant Director and Academic Coordinator,  University of Rochester Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  

“Thank you Allison and Jodi for your time with us.  I’ve attended a number of diversity workshops and your session was the most creative experience I’ve had in regard to discussing what for many is a difficult topic.  I appreciate all that went into making it feel like a safe environment!”

–Vilma Patterson,  Assistant Director, Student Services, Monroe Community College’s Downtown Campus

“Recently, I had the group Impact Interactive come into my Business Ethics class. Their interactive theatre based learning exercises really engaged us, and provided a thought provoking and relevant experience. It thought it was a really effective way to get at some ethical issues in an organization.

–Jacqueline Ebner, PhD, Sustainability Engineer, Professor, Consultant

“Impact Interactive is one of the most compelling and powerful communication tools I’ve ever experienced.  I’d enthusiastically suggest it for  a Superintendent’s  Day presentation.  Teachers would be engaged, refreshed and intellectually stimulated.  Visually, it demands and holds your attention.  It is effective yet fun….LIVE “animation” with many opportunities to feel empowered.”

–Phyl Contestable,  Integrated Arts & General Music Teacher,  Churchville Chili Middle  School

“This is a powerful way for teachers to explore difficult-to-talk about classroom challenges.  I highly recommend it to any university or college wanting to raise the quality of teaching in their classrooms.”

–Stuart Jordan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Rochester